The Broody Serpent’s Egg / Angel Santiesteban

Aleida Guevara, daughter of the infamous “Che” Guevara

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, 13 April 2015 — My colleague and friend Felix Luis Viera has written a post about one of the most disgusting human being I’ve ever had in front of me: Aleida Guevara.

Sometimes we ran into each other in our children’s school on 62nd and 5th Avenue, in the Playa municipality. I talked about it once in a post — I also described that facts I am giving you now — when a teacher told me that “Guevara”, as they call her, had been inquiring about my relative. Fortunately, he is out of her reach and her revenge.

On that occasion I commented on the arrogance, pushiness and haughtiness which she displayed and with which she manipulated those around her. In fact, she acted like the school principal, while the actual principal along with teachers nodded their heads in constant assent, fearful of a complaint from that fatso with “commander pretensions,” regardless of the cause and reason, which could get them expelled from the school in the blink of an eye. This woman, as brute as a mule, moved around that institution like a triumphant guerrilla.

I cannot forget, it still disturbs me when it crosses my mind, that later this “hairless bearded-one,”*  living in Cuba for forty years, had the mission of visiting Argentina, and when she returned Fidel Castro received her at the airport terminal. It was broadcast as an official event, and the reading of her horrendous speech with a lousy Argentinian accent was the talk of the town. Fidel Castro could not hide the discomfort in his face that such a repulsive human being caused him.

Pseudo-Communists presidents of Latin America, from left to right: Evo Morales-Bolivia, Fernando Lugo-Paraguay, Hugo Chavez-Venezuela with Aleida Guevara, and Rafael Correa-Ecuador. Screen capture from a video

The truth is, as inferred by Felix Luis, that immense mass of fat of the unbearable, contains no brain, and she confirms that in every opportunity, such as when she told journalists she, “had suggested to his uncle (President) Chavez to nationalize all TV channels and radio stations, for his uncle Fidel had done it in Cuba and gave him good results. ”

I remember a friend who told me that, “There are people who are not satisfied with being stupid, but they make sure everyone knows about it.” Bragging of being the daughter of a murderer — who signed hundreds of executions by firing squads without fair trials — is only acceptable for a shameless and intellectually weak person; but for others to applaud her in public, it is a mistake that some will live with for ever.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

April 13th, 2015

Border Patrol Prison

Havana, Cuba.


Translator’s note: During the Revolution the guerrillas acquired the nickname “los barbudos” — the bearded ones — because they didn’t shave. Angel is using the feminine form of the noun — barbudas — and clarifying that Aleida is a “bearded one without facial hair.”

Translated by: Rafael