The Beangel Duo Premieres the Song ‘Te Pienso’, a Tribute to the Cuban Rafters

Frame from the music video for the song Te pienso [I Think of You], by Beangel, Randy Malcom and Kelvis Ochoa. (Screen capture)
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14ymedio, Madrid, 15 February 2023 — Since this Tuesday, Te pienso is part of the list of songs dedicated to Cuba and its situation. Composed by the duo Beangel, formed by Beatriz César and Ángel Pututi, the theme, they say in a press release, is “a declaration of love” for the Island.

“We pay respect to the rafters, to those who never arrived and died at sea,” say the Beangel musicians, who have composed for, among other singers, Marc Anthony and the duo Gente de Zona.

Member of this ensemble and special guest in the video clip, Randy Malcom adds: “The song is dedicated to the land that I love so much and where I cannot perform.”

Cuban singer-songwriter Kelvis Ochoa, author of Hidden Havana and winner of a Goya Award in 2006 for the best original music for the film Havana Blues, also participates in the song, which is available on all digital platforms.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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