Sonia Garro and Her Husband Will be Tried at the Beginning of November / Dania Virgen Garcia

HAVANA, Cuba, October 24, 2013, Dania Virgen García / The opposition couple  Sonia Garro Alfonso and Ramón Alejandro Muñoz González , along with Eugenio Hernandez Hernandez, will be tried on Friday, November 1, at 8:30 am, in the special chamber for crimes against State Security in a closed door session. The chamber is located at Carmen and Juan Delgado, in Vibora, in the 10 de Octubre municipality.

They are asking for a sentence of 10 year sentence for Lady in White Sonia Garro, for assault, disorderly conduct and attempted murder. They are asking for 14 years for her husband, Ramón Muñoz, for public disorder and attempted murder. For Eugenio Hernandez they are asking for 11 years, all three in case 418/2013.

Both opponents have been subjected to physical and psychological torture for a year and a half. Sonia Garro in the El Gautao women’s prison, to the east of Havana, and Muñoz at Combinado del Este on the other side of the capital.

The defense will be chaired by Amelia M. Rodriguez Cala.

Dania Virgen Garcia, dania.zuzy @

Cubanet, 24 October 2013