Silence / Laritza Diversent

[Translator: This is one in a series of posts]

The silence of the Ministry of Health was considered to show “profound lack of respect and to be almost an insult to this group of workers who were honest enough to draw attention to the harsh reality that knocks at the door every day and circles overhead.”

“The very same worker who at the most crucial and darkest hour of the Special Period remained at his post on no more than US$3.00 a month, thus ensuring that post was worthwhile, and who deserves to feel that his opinions are taken into account” they added.

“Despite the fact that justice is the supreme ideal of the Revolution, the salaries our workers currently receive, even after decades of effort and commitment, are not fair or proportionate, when other state sectors are being paid several times more. This situation flies in the face of the Marxist principle: …’to each according to his work’.

Doctors also warned that their concerns were “just the tip of the iceberg; the problem itself is far more controversial and deep-rooted and will never be resolved through soothing remedies or small wage increases. We can just provide this timid warning: those who have ears, listen. Reality is much harsher than any words and even though it may hurt, it is too big for any speech.

March 21 2011