Septeto Santiaguero Concert Draws 30,000 People in Santiago de Cuba

When the music began in the concert tribute to Septeto Santiaguero there were about 30,000 spectators in the audience. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Ernesto Marín, Santiago de Cuba | 28 december 2018 — Despite the delay in starting, the Septeto Santiaguero concert that began Thursday night at the confluence of Trocha and Carretera del Morro, gave the audience a true musical marathon, with live streaming on the internet from several producers and private reporters.

The stage, popularly known as “the thermometer” of Cuban music, not only sheltered the Santiago group, which won this year and for the second time the Latin Grammy Award, but also a long list of guests, including the acclaimed Alexander Abreu and his Havana D’ Primera.

It was the quality of the artists that kept the audience from giving up after waiting for almost three hours for technical problems to be solved, which ended up postponing the first chords until midnight. When the music started, there were about 30,000 spectators in the audience.

Those unable to get there in person regretted that the concert of such a prestigious group in Santiago de Cuba was not covered by local television or broadcast live. On Friday morning only a small note in the Sierra Maestra newspaper reviewed the musical event of the previous night.

The situation was saved in part thanks to audience members and small private businesses that broadcast the show on Facebook Live and other streaming platforms. LiaVideos, a group dedicated to the independent cultural promotion, took the show through social networks and managed to raise the levels of the danceable “thermometer.”


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