Scorn for Prices / Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado


Like the increase in spending — which did not correspond to income — what bothers the population is the scorn of their leaders. On what basis are prices established? Why don’t they inform people about the increases? The lack of transparency and disregard for the real problems of society, coupled with the high cost of living and the unproductive and gigantic state apparatus appear to impose an up-to-no-good behavior of the authorities in this matter.

Years ago my valve exploded, but thanks to the resources to escape to anywhere in the world, the ruling class continues arrogantly putting pressure on the pot. They have always fought publicly for the administrations in the United States to respect the annual quota of emigrants, twenty thousand, which are assigned to Cuba, instead of fostering a climate of national coexistence in which people develop their potential in accordance the law and contribute to the welfare and happiness of the Cubans.

They have not shown any shame over the sustained emigration of our countrymen, who have multiplied the countries to which they flee, as they apply the cold math of material dividends, among others, that they report in a Cuban community abroad with financial solvency and financial support .

“The damned money” swelled the coffers of the government, while it showed reluctance to enter the dwindling pockets of the workers and solve their simple shortcomings. The officials did not lack titles of nobility or bank accounts, in Cuba, it’s enough to carry on with the performance of their duties, to get the resources of millionaires.

The ’little story’ of socialist collectivism has been reduced to strings of exhausted slogans and many of the bureaucrats in applauding in public, while in their comfortable air-conditioned homes they count on the riches their perks procure for them under the banner of their unconditional support.

It’s shameful and intolerable that they continue to progressively impoverish the people with the added silence to sticking us with the bills. I don’t know how much exploitation and ignominy Cubans will be able to withstand, having paid in advance the highest price of all: freedom.

April 3 2012