Resident Evil / Lilianne Ruíz

Abominable things happen in Cuba that no longer scandalize anyone. Although when scientific achievements are celebrated (like in the USSR when it went to the Cosmos, in a competition without a happy ending), the ghosts walking the street are more obvious, as are the henchmen carrying cell phones and worshiping those products of the capitalist market while fighting for the little mission in Venezuela and feeling lust for their masters and being willing to be organized to commit an act of repudiation against other Cubans who are not aligned with them.

Or, the height of aberrations, they try to hide their political fundamentalism assuming languages created in the free world. They want to copy everything but their coldness is obvious. This attitude of camouflage without getting to be who they are continues, always taking the pulse of the historical moment. Sidereal time is forbidden to them. The knowledge of breathing.

March 18 2012