Reopening of US Embassy: Cuba, Invitees Are Not Preconditioned / Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera Duran

Dozens of Cubans line up every day in front of the US embassy in Cuba to request an interview. Photo: Roberto J. Guerra
Dozens of Cubans line up every day in front of the US embassy in Cuba to request an interview. Photo: Roberto J. Guerra

Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera Duran, Havana, 04 August 2015 — More than 700 people attended the inauguration of the Cuban embassy in the US, whether or not they agreed with the reestablishment of relations. This event created great expectations that today are an irrevocable reality. Many of those invited to the celebration were people recognized as friends of Cuba.

Individuals who are against the policies carried out by the United States towards Cuba for the last 57 years were received at the diplomatic headquarters, without any reproach by the US government. In addition, for more than 50 years, demonstrations by some US citizens in favor of the Island have been permitted.

On the other hand, the US embassy in Havana is about to be re-inaugurated this coming 14 of August, according to John Kerry himself who announced it in a press conference. Let us hope that the same conditions will be in place, with regard to whom US representatives can invite, or not, to the opening of their diplomatic headquarters in Havana.

It is known that individuals or groups of Cubans who do not sympathize with the Cuban government visit the current US Interests Section – a fact that is constantly criticized by the Cuban government, which roundly rejects that they should be received on the premises.

It is important to remember that in the great neighbor to the north, as it is sometimes called, there exists democracy and the freedom to express opinions – both of which are yet to be “established” here. If anyone who does not sympathize with the “Revolutionary government” is invited to the dedication of the embassy in Havana, we shall see what criticisms are made, and what are the limits of tolerance for the United States.

It remains to be seen whether in reality the changes are occurring in Cuba that are necessary for us to be a country where citizens’ rights are respected – rights such as free expression and choice of the political system that will govern the nation – without the presence of discrimination and abuse.

Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison