Public Displays of Affection, Cuban Dictatorship Edition

Lis Cuesta with Miguel Díaz-Canel. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger Alexis Romay, New Jersey, 16 April 2022


Díaz-Canel has a wife
whose tackiness knows no bounds.
It’s not as cute as it sounds,
in the midst of Cuba’s strife,
when she says that, in her life,
he’s “The Dictator.” For sure!
(Lis Cuesta is done with demure.)
Cubans long to live in peace.
That regime is a disease,
and we are ready for the cure.


Author’s note: This text is my recreation and condensation, in English, of my décimas published this week in the Spanish edition of 14ymedio. Remember, this post is considered a crime by the Cuban government.


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