Prostitution in Cuba Sustains the Domestic Economy / Angel Santiesteban

There is no country in the world, except the Vatican I guess, in which there is no prostitution. But when a social process has taken place for over half a century, and has proclaimed its eradication, then it is warranted to address the issue, hidden for decades from international public opinion—like drugs, gambling and other issues taken into account to support the dictatorship—because it was most appropriate for the welfare of the people and the nation.

Today, prostitution is an issue treated simply as social conflict. In every city in the country there are areas of tolerance, but the state does not recognize or accept them.

Also it is now normal that in households they talk about “jockeys,” “female wrestlers,” if not “Fairy Godmothers” when speaking of the women of the family who sustain the household economy, and who were previously referred to as “black sheep.”

Cuban journalists, paying homage to a “secrecy” that is not longer required, continue to be silent about what everybody knows. When the topic has been addressed, it has been through the arts, literature, theater, cinema, and music.

In short, another pending issue that Cuban society needs to debate sometime, freely and without taboos.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

February 24, 2015

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(Posted on Angel’s blog 8 June 2015)