Prison Diary XI: A. Santiesteban: “I Refuse to be Transferred to Salvador Allende Military Hospital” / Angel Santiesteban

Editor’s note

I just got this telephone message from Angel Santiesteban-Prats in which he informed me that they wanted to take him to the Salvador Allende military hospital against his will. I am making this communication public right now in hopes of what the response has been of those who are supposed to transport him.

I hope to have more information in the coming minutes.

Message from Angel Santiesteban

I’ve never been in favor of sensationalist or tabloid news, so I’ve preferred to remain silent until now, when the circumstances warrant making it known.

With 10 days of finding myself in prison dark spots began to appear on my face, which I only paid attention to when they also appeared on my arm. I went to consultation of the prison doctor who sent me to the dermatologist who gave me an appointment for the next day at the surgery, where the doctor applied a substance to the marks causing burns. The specialist explained to me this is the procedure for this type of skin cancer that usually appears in white skinned people after 40 years. Days later the scabs were falling off leaving a pink colored area.

Today, April 5, they sent for me from the medical station to inform me that they would be taking me to the Salvador Allende hospital for a checkup, particularly for these spots that were treated. I refused outright, I will not go to any military health center and my position is firm.

They also told me that Antonio Rodiles cannot visit me any more, as he has on two previous visits. When asked the reason they said he wasn’t family, nor is he a friend who ideologically makes “a positive contribution to the revolutionary process.” I let them know that I was here precisely for my ideas which agree with those of Rodiles, and the officer shrugged, a gesture which implies that there are “orders from above,” where a General, not a Captain, rules.

Now I’m waiting for them to come and hospitalize me. I don’t know what will happen in the face of my refusal to go with them and what their reaction will be.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

La Lima Prison, Guanabacoa, 1:00 PM

5 April 2013