Disabled Minor Receives Donation from Cuban National Council of Churches / Ignacio Estrada

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By: Ignacio Estrada. Photos: Ignacio Estrada.

Havana, 5 February 2013. Last Sunday, February 3, the disabled minor Keylis Caridad Alemán Rodríguez, received as a gift a donation made in the name of the Cuban National Council of Churches.

The donation was given to the minor in the presence of her mother Yamayki Rodríguez, the same day her daughter turned sixteen. Keylis could get the gift of a new wheelchair; alleviating her lack of one will allow her to resume her daily activities.

The donation was possible because of the efforts of the organization the Cuban League Against AIDS with the Cuban Council of Churches, an institution that did not hesitate for a second in facilitating the acquisition without any cost to the child.

The new wheelchair was received by the disabled child with joy and she gave thanks for the gift with tears in her eyes, grateful that her situation — which was so dire — was improved.

Yamayki said she was thankful for what her daughter received, and at that moment remembered everything that Keylis had had to deal with since she was very little, describing everything from her heart surgery to the malformations in her hips, knees and ankles.

Keylis sent a recorded message of thanks to the Cuban Council of Churches and I cite it: I thank this institution for allowing me to navigate again… a message that ended with tears in her eyes.

Keylis Caridad Alemán Rodríguez lives at No. 38 Agramonte Street in the municipality of Santo Domingo in the province of Villa Clara.

7 February 2013