Pork a la Flies / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada


Cerdo a la Mosca (4)

Cerdo a la Mosca (5)

Pork is one of the dishes most commonly served on every Cuban table. The absence of it in State stores has given rise to innumerable criticisms from the population. The little meat that is sold right now, is done so in a clandestine way in homes and patios at fairly high prices.

This past weekend on a visit to Santo Domingo, located just 20 miles outside the city of Santa Clara, the lens of my camera captured some snapshots that show how a few pieces of pork are brought someplace in this town.

The meat is transported in a cart pulled by animals, known as horse wagon, a cart that goes along with pieces of this meat hanging off one side, accompanied by a good collection of insects. The destination of this meat was an establishment known as The Blue Tent, a commercial establishment that will subsequently sell it to those who come there for the sole purpose of tasting one of the traditional dishes.

We might well call the dish made from this meat product, “Pork a la Flies.”

May 14 2012