Political Prisoner Freed in Ciego de Avila / Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva

HAVANA, Cuba, September 6, 2013, Juan Carlos González Leiva / www.cubanet.org.- Political prisoner Daniel Camacho Marchena was released in Ciego de Avila earlier this week, according to what the former prisoner himself declared during a visit he made to the Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs after leaving prison.

He had been revoked and imprisoned on January 17, 2013, in the Canaleta Provincial Prison of Ciego de Avila, for writing anti-Castro signs on the public walls in the city saying: Down with Fidel and Raul!

Camacho Marchena was on parole because previously he was sentenced to four years in prison in joint sanction, which expired on August 29, 2013.

He is 43 years old and a member of the Council of Rapporteurs of Human Rights in Cuba and in the Municipal Democratic Circles.

He lives at No.93 D Street, between Maceo and H Castillo, Ciego de Avila.

Camacho is now in dire economic conditions. Making his situation worse is that he has a one-year-old child.

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juan-carlos-gonzalez-leiva.thumbnailJuan Carlos González Leiva. Member of the Council of Rapporteurs of Human Rights in Cuba. A collaborator with Cubanet for several years.

6 September 2013