Plural and With a Mask: The Face Of Cuba in 2020

The 14 Faces of 2020 according to 14ymedio (Collage)

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14ymedio, Havana, 24 December 2020 — This has been a year dominated by the pandemic, but the extreme situations that have caused the coronavirus, the confinement and the economic crisis that Cuba is going through have also been a part of the phenomena and figures that have shaped the face of the 12 months now coming to an end. They are the protagonists of a 2020 that is plural and wearing a mask.

In this list are included those groups or individuals who led, promoted or shaped the most important events that took place in Cuba in the artistic and sports scenes, in social activism, science, the news media and even in the official structure. Without them, the course of this year on the Island would have been different.

This could be a list of dozens or hundreds of individuals, but we had to choose and the 14ymedio Newsroom has selected these 14 names to illustrate the key moments of the most difficult year Cubans have experienced in decades.

1. San Isidro Movement

2. Reinerio, Repressor

3. Francisco Durán García, National Director of Epidemiology

4. Pedro Junco, intellectual from Camaguey

5. Javier Larrea Formoso, animal welfare activist

6. Alberto Reyes and Jorge Luis Pérez Soto, the warrior priests

7. Ruhama Fernández, Youtuber

8. Roberto Pantoja, chess player

9. Camila Acosta, freelance journalist

10. Rojas and Rojas, the two faces of Cuba

11. Cimafunk, singer

12. Alejandro Gil, Minister of Economy

13. Manrique Larduet Bicet, gymnast

14. Silverio Portal, opponent


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