Performance / Regina Coyula

I have nothing to say, I have nothing to say… were the lyrics of a song Mario Aguirre sang in all seriousness in the long ago play at the Studio Theater, Something Very Serious. When they asked him for an encore, with the same music, he changed the lyrics: I have nothing else to say, I have nothing else to say

So it is for me with the May Day celebration, so you can read my post from last year, and it’s all the same. I have a photo of a printed poster taped to the door at the Endocrinology Institute where I was two weeks ago, and I saved it for this date. But my phone has problems with Bluetooth and I couldn’t transfer it to my PC or another phone, and having wasted time trying to get the photo from my phone’s screen, I’ll explain it:

As medicine will be at the front of the May Day parade, the workers have to be at their workplaces at two in the morning. From there they will go to the assigned collection point at four-thirty, where the posters (which reference anything but the workers’ demands) will be handed out. They all have to wear their white coats, and should see the secretary of the Union (that is the secretary of the Institute) for assistance.

This method, extensively tested over the years, will ensure that they can easily fill a great number of plazas.

P.S. And if medicine is marching first because of their economic happiness*, how many are marching last?

*Translator’s note: Cuban medical workers were recently notified they would receive large raises.

2 May 2014