Pass it Along — Rumors / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

Every day the rumors grow in society, rumors with political, social or economic content that bring, as a consequence, despair, dissatisfaction, stress and mistaken plans.

This expression occurs with the loss of some product as happened with the rice when there was a shortage in agricultural markets and the rumor of rice selling at 10 pesos in national money (MN), they started to arrest the rice resellers in the streets and then the state started selling rice at 5 pesos MN, raising the price 1.50 pesos MN because in fact the previous price had been 3.50 pesos MN.

Another example is the outbreak of cholera, many are talking about cases in Havana hospitals and in Granma province in the east. The official side says the epidemic in under control and the independent journalists say the situation is worrisome.

So then, who is tossing these rumors around? Perhaps it’s the same people who want to psychologically upset the citizens or it’s just a recourse by the government in order to try out a future vision and see what effect it has on the population, if it’s for the “better” or worse.

August 6 2012