Granma Newspaper: The Lies And The Cynicism

The recent editorial by the newspaper Granma clearly defines the mediocrity and poverty of thought of a system that now howls desperately at its approaching end. The text is an apology to the cynicism of the elite and those who serve it, who try to discredit and silence the independent voices that spring from Cuban … Continue reading “Granma Newspaper: The Lies And The Cynicism”

Medicine in Cuba Today: A Series of Shortcuts and Scarcities / Jeovany Jimenez Vega

By Alfredo Felipe Valdés The professional trained for at least a decade, with a high educational rigor, who once he or she graduates has a high level of knowledge, is not treated by the State with the consideration deserved from the years and personal effort it took to complete the training. This includes how other … Continue reading “Medicine in Cuba Today: A Series of Shortcuts and Scarcities / Jeovany Jimenez Vega”

Updating Immigration Policy in Cuba / Jeovany J. Vega

The mere fact of hearing it on television petrifies me, but listening to the president of my county has been illuminating, because in revolutionary Cuba there are issues so ethereal that they never find an appropriate occasion to be raised “procedurally,” taboos the single mention of which give one goosebumps, themes that cannot be approached … Continue reading “Updating Immigration Policy in Cuba / Jeovany J. Vega”

Closed by Demolition / Francis Sánchez

[I have decided to publish, before this blog is closed down, some texts that I didn’t publish at the time because it was practically impossible to do it because of obvious difficulties or because as time passed I doubted that it would be the best idea. Due to recent events, I think it is best … Continue reading “Closed by Demolition / Francis Sánchez”

About Cyber-Wars and Cyber-Warriors / Miriam Celaya

Some suggest that, in Cuba, the sustained and increasing harassment of dissidents and independent civil society groups responds to a government offensive strategy designed to eliminate pockets of resistance to the dictatorship, marked at times by a preponderance of alternative civic sectors and the use of information technologies and communications. For my part, I don’t … Continue reading “About Cyber-Wars and Cyber-Warriors / Miriam Celaya”

Cuban Regime Calls on its Children for Shock Troops / Yoani Sánchez

On December 10, Human Rights Day, my 15-year-old son came home from school and said he had been summoned to go to park centrally located in Havana, exactly the same place where, each year, a group of dissidents and non-conformists demonstrate for improvements for Cuba’s citizens and political prisoners. The students of all the high … Continue reading “Cuban Regime Calls on its Children for Shock Troops / Yoani Sánchez”

Cuba: More than 50 Opponents Arrested on Human Rights Day / Iván García

More than 50 dissidents and activists were arrested on December 10 in Cuba by the combined forces of the National Police and State Security for attempting to mark the International Day of Human Rights, according to the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation led by Elizardo Sánchez Santacruz. The Universal Declaration of Human … Continue reading “Cuba: More than 50 Opponents Arrested on Human Rights Day / Iván García”

Ministerial Scoliosis / Claudia Cadelo

If, instead of having a personal blog, I had decided to post fictional stories, my last visit to the Provincial Prosecutor would be one in which the protagonist ends up in the hospital, a victim of horrible back pains. The doctor would permanently prohibit her from stepping foot in any ministry ever again, because her … Continue reading “Ministerial Scoliosis / Claudia Cadelo”