Other Claims / Laritza Diversent

[Translator’s note: This is one of a series of posts…]

The doctors asked, what justifies that an MGI specialist or dentist in the area, even the latest super-specialist from the Institute can’t satisfy their basic needs, and that not being the case, the expenses of some office, and never from their salary as professionals?

According to the doctors, in their letter, Cuban doctors are forced to seek alternative sources of income “from sources as exotic and unlike their profession that it’s stupefying: raising pigs, taking in ironing, selling pizzas, ham or eggs, as a bricklayer, carpenter, shoe repairer.”

In the opinion of the doctors these activities, “undermine morale and take time from professional development, they take away from what should be their only concern, study, and they should be able to focus their complete attention on their patients from the point of view of a scientist.”

March 21 2011