Onward to a Career / Regina Coyula

My son behind.

My son has been a protagonist in recent postings since it is at a crucial time for his studies and life. Last week he had to fill his “ballot” to request admission to the university, paperwork in which the student can put up to ten options. Rafael, indecisive, and without a strong vocation, opted for a career in economics with its practical utility, and filled the rest as he chose. I had to go to the school because the parent’s signature was required in filling out the ballot. There I was in a line together with students and some parents to deliver the ballot. It was common to hear the male students, especially, say that they would welcome the option of the Ministry of Interior. It filled me with curiosity; months earlier, these same boys had been visited by officers of MININT in a recruitment effort, and none of them was interested.

Their mediocre educational performance keeps them away from the university classrooms, however, to enter the MININT an entrance test is not required, nor do they have to do military service. I noticed, while waiting, the self-assurance with which they believed themselves so ready to skip the test that would allow them to enter university, the laughter with which they called each other chivas (goats), it reminded me, full with excitement and pride for almost forty years, that I was so different from these guys who think now that they can solve something so long, like the future.

Translated by: L. Rodriguez

March 28 2011