On Days Like Today / Rebeca Monzo

Meme with Rosita Fornés

It’s Sunday again and once again I connect my old GE, on the pretext of keeping it running, to listen to the only radio program on my planet I tend to support: Memories, as well as taking advantage of it to move my skeleton, dancing alone like Isadora.

Once the tubes heated up I started to hear something that left me pleasantly shocked: On Days Like Today, by Meme Solís. This greatly caught my attention because it had been many years since I heard her voice on the radio. Would we once again get to hear Guillot of Celia Cruz? That would be great news because it would really show that something was changing.

I’m not one of those pessimistic people who always sees things in gray, but nor do I get excited about any old nonsense. When I was in the most enthusiastic stage of my choreography, Fernando entered with an expression between astonishment and disgust. He had been at the shops to buy chopped meat and it turned out that a package that yesterday cost 1.10 CUC, today was 1.70, and the one that cost 2.20 was now 2.80. So, as if by magic, from one moment to next it had risen by nothing more nor less and 60 centavos in CUCs, the equivalent of 12 Cuban pesos, or more than the daily wage.

But I insist that as I am a person who thinks positively, I think that sooner rather than later which will change, like it or not, and it will happen one of these days, as the words to the song day.

January 30 2011