Official Presentation: For Another Cuba / Regina Coyula

Presentation of the For Another Cuba campaign at Estado de Sats

Tuesday was the official presentation of the campaign to collect signatures, “For Another Cuba.” The repression against citizen activists who were handing our flyers with the same information provided to the National Assembly of People’s Power is already significant.

With regards to the issue, I’m in agreement with the view of the academic Haroldo Dilla in an article about Julian Assange: “I’m not interested in the political affiliations of those who are asking for signatures, nor if their visions of the future Republic coincide with mine. All that interests me is that they have the right and that it not be denied them.” Dilla also cites the difficult Rosa Luxembourg and her famous phrase: “Freedom has always existed, and it is the freedom of those who think differently.”

I already signed.

September 7 2012