Nurse Nurisbel Guerra Was Murdered by Her Husband in the Cuban Town of Cauto Cristo

Nurisbel Guerra was a nurse and worked on a medical mission in Venezuela. (Facebook/Nurisbel Guerra)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana | 2 January 2024 — Although the year has ended, the number of women killed in 2023 continues to grow after the confirmation, this Monday, of the femicide of Nurisbel Guerra, allegedly perpetrated by her husband on December 24 in the province of Granma. There are now 87 victims counted by the independent media and observatories.

The Guerra’s murder was initially reported by YouTuber Niover Licea, who shared on his social networks details about the case, which occurred in the Granma municipality of Cauto Cristo, halfway between Bayamo and Holguín.

Her husband, identified as Oreste Tamayo, a worker of the Electric Company of the province and from whom she intended to separate, murdered her

Guerra, whose age is unknown, served as a nurse on a medical mission in Venezuela, from which she had returned for a short period. Her husband, identified as Oreste Tamayo, a worker of the Electricity Company of the province and from whom she intended to separate, murdered her. After cutting her throat, the alleged murderer committed suicide.

This December, the official press broke its usual silence to report on the femicide of Ohanis Soto in the town of Lincoln, in the province of Artemisa. During a “domestic fight,” which occurred at 6:00 pm on December 28 and “ended fatally,” Soto was stabbed several times by her partner, Osmar Frómeta.

According to the newspaper El Artemiseño, after killing Frómeta, he surrendered to the police to avoid an alleged “settling of accounts” by Soto’s family.

A recent report published by the EFE agency uses the independent records of femicides in 2023 to draw up a profile of the victims of violence against women on the Island. A 37-year-old woman, mother and resident in a rural area is the most common image of victims of femicides. In most cases, the women were killed by their former partners.

The data also revealed that this year an average of one woman was killed every four and a half days. That is to say: on the Island there were just over seven victims of gender-based violence every month.

The data also revealed that this year on average, a woman was murdered every four and a half days

The figures are even more terrifying if we consider that, due to the lack of information and the refusal of the Government to reveal official figures, many cases of femicides are not known. This is a reality denounced by platforms such as Alas Tensas and Yo Sí Te Creo en Cuba, which are still trying to verify several femicides that allegedly occurred in 2023, so it is likely that, if information is obtained during the first days of 2024, femicides will continue to be added to last year’s record.

For its part, the Government’s promises to establish policies to protect against violence against women have fallen apart. Months ago, the authorities announced that a recently created Observatory would be in charge of monitoring this type of situation in the country in real time. However, so far they have not begun to perform the task.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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