‘Nobody’ By Miguel Coyula Wins Best Documentary Prize in Dominican Republic / 14ymedio

Miguel Coyula (tallest in photo) and Rafael Alcides (3rd from right) collect the prize for the documentary ‘Nadie’ at the Dominican Global Film Festival. (Facebook FCGD)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 30 January 2017 — The documentary Nobody, by Cuban director Miguel Coyula, has won the award for Best Documentary in the Tenth edition of the Dominican Global Film Festival (FCGD). The poet Rafael Alcides stars in the documentary and develops “an imaginary conversation with Fidel Castro” culminating in the death of the former president last November.

With just over an hour and a minimalist presentation, the material picks up some moments of a series of short films that Coyula made from an interview of more than two hours that he filmed with the poet.

The movie also includes images of the funeral tribute to Castro held in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana. The crowds, the national mourning and the atmosphere that was breathed in those days in the Island give a current closure to the interview, where the poet mixes anecdotes, opinions and experiences.

Coyula made his debut with the feature film “Red Cockroaches” and among his most prominent films is “Memories of Overdevelopment”, which was chosen in 2010 by the International Film Guide as “the best Cuban film” of that year

This piece competed in Documentary Film and was screened last Sunday at the Blue Mall Palace of Cinema in Santo Domingo, with the presence of Coyula and Alcides. The event had Italy as a guest country and was dedicated to promoting the documentary genre in the Dominican Republic.

Miguel Coyula and Rafael Alcides conducted a workshop titled Independent Film and Poetry: A Cuban Experience, where they shared views with the Dominican audience. During the conference they read the writer’s poems, among them the classic Grateful as a Dog (1983).

Coyula debuted in feature films with Red Cockroaches and among his most important films is Memories of Overdevelopment, which was chosen in 2010 by the International Film Guide as “the best Cuban film” of that year. Currently he is shooting his third feature, Blue Heart. The filmmaker retains a particular style of independent production and craftsmanship, and specializes in clean plans and simple visual effects.

After several years residing in the US, Miguel Coyula returned to Havana, where he currently lives.