Neighbors Talk About ‘Antecedents of Sexist Violence’ Against Murdered Woman in Cuba

In 2021, more than 30 women died of sexist violence, according to the records of independent associations. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 4 January 2022 — A mother of two grown children, Maylén Guerra García, who worked as a custodian at the Chiquitico Fabregat sugar refinery, in Remedios (Villa Clara), was murdered by her partner on January 2, according to information published by Alas Tensas magazineIt is the first femicide of the year registered on the Island.

According to the publication, the attack occurred in the house where they lived, and the woman bled to death “from multiple injuries.” Neighbors consulted commented that there was a “history of sexist violence in this relationship” and that “screams and arguments” were frequently heard inside the house.

Alas Tensas reiterates the “urgent call” to the country’s authorities “to take a strong position in the face of these events” and insists “on the need for community action to denounce sexist violence” and thus ensure that “the names of the victims do not fall into oblivion.”

As they highlight, it is precisely in these rural areas that women are most vulnerable, “not only because of machismo but because of the high level of vulnerability in which they find themselves.” They point as an example to the lack of employment that could make women financially independent, of shelters for battered women, and of preventive actions that must be carried out from childhood.

At the beginning of December, Alas Tensas reported the femicide of Yoanka, a woman who “was in her 40s and had three daughters in her care.” They detailed that she was a neighbor of the Ciudamar neighborhood, in San Miguel del Padrón, and that the aggressor was her partner.

The publication then demanded that the Federation of Cuban Women and the authorities concerned themselves “about this silent pandemic” and denounced that in 2021 about thirty women were killed in femicides.


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