Message from Magaly Muguercia / POLEMICA: The 2007 Intellectual Debate

Outside Cuba there are revolutionary intellectuals who chose to emigrate when it was impossible to make their thinking public. Subtly, the access to publishers and university classrooms was blocked.

There is also a generation of young professionals who are now between 30 to 40, who are educated in revolutionary principles. They left for economic reasons but also because of disappointment and feeling tired of being forced into subservience. I know a lot, because it’s my children’s generation. They are thoughtful and cultured people. But we are scattered around the world. If we were called, if someone calls us to return to Cuba, many would return to claim the right of every Cuban revolutionary, now, to think about the country’s future. It’s time to call on those who are outside to return to the country that we love and to say it, because it’s clear that Fidel’s convalescence is opening undesirable doors.

These doors usually are opened toward internal repression of thought and external acceptance of pseudo-socialist models: capitalism with a repressive state.

Translated by Regina Anavy

January 2007