Maria Corina Machado Calls Venezuelan Supreme Court’s Decision To Suspend the Primaries a ‘Big Mistake’

Former deputy María Corina Machado, last week in Caracas (Venezuela). (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

EFE (via 14ymedio), 2 November 2023 — On Thursday, the winner of the Venezuelan opposition primaries, María Corina Machado, described as a “big mistake” the decision of the Supreme Court to suspend that process for all purposes.

In a telematic speech in English organized by the Inter-American Dialogue think tank in Washington, she maintained that this “big mistake” is the result of the “despair” of their not having expected that result or that level of participation.

The Supreme Court has ordered the suspension of “all effects” of the primaries, while the Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation against the National Primary Commission (CNP), organizer of the electoral process, which it accuses of “usurpation of functions” and “identity,” “money laundering” and “criminal association.”

Corina Machado said she was talking about Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil and pointed out that it is in her interest to support the process

On October 22, in those elections, the anti-Chavista obtained 92.35% of the votes.

“We see that hope is growing and we had a great citizen organization,” said Corina Machado, who believes that those elections gave them the necessary legitimacy to continue the process and unite other groups and sectors.

In her opinion, it is now necessary to gain the trust not only of Venezuelans who did not vote that day, but also of other international actors, including those who “traditionally have been closest” to the current leader, Nicolás Maduro.

Corina Machado said she was talking about Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil and noted that it is in her interest to support the process.

“I am sure that the end will be freedom,” said the Venezuelan politician, emphasizing that, as she noted that the United States has defended, “an election can only be free and fair if the candidate chosen by the people” is allowed go ahead.


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