Limits to the Tolerance of the Librarian / Lilianne Ruíz

I am still laughing about the first glance at my digital library, in which I have been able to succeed in capturing known authors from many years ago.  To have some of the books saved moves me, including one of the poems, by Carlos Alberto Montaner, a pair of passages from speeches from conferences, by Michel Foucault, novels of Milan Kundera.  It seems absurd and makes me smile to find them beside Madame Bavastky, and a History of the Magi by Elphas Levi, that populate my dreams or being a musician during my teenage years.

But I have my limits like everyone and I also can’t tolerate finding passages from Hitler, and I got rid of them, I root them out with fury as if I can banish them from history, and in the same way, in the same way, those of Eduardo Galeano, that I am pleased to see disappear when I empty the trash.

Translated by: BW

January 17 2012