Lifeless Body of the Man Shipwrecked in Artemisa is Found

The body of the last crew member of the boat was found on the coast of Punta de Gato, in Consolación del Sur. (The Artemisian)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, July 30, 2023 — The lifeless body of the crew member who disappeared during the sinking of the Pura María boat , which occurred last Monday off the coast of Artemis , was finally found early this Saturday morning.

The provincial press indicated that the native fishermen of the area notified the authorities that they had discovered a corpse floating on the coast of Punta de Gato, in Consolación del Sur. A note from El Artemiseño reports that the friends and relatives of the crew member, whose identity has not been provided, had undertaken a desperate and intense search to find his mortal remains.

“Those closest to him will now be able to give a dignified burial to those who, according to their blood relatives: died in the place he loved the most,” says the newspaper.

The man had been missing since Monday when the accident occurred on Majana beach, 70 kilometers south of Havana, around 10 p.m. The first survivor rescued, 57 years old, was transferred Tuesday at 5:00 pm to the Ciro Redondo García General Teaching Hospital after receiving first aid from health personnel on the beach.

According to Niurka Larrionda Valdés, director of the medical center, the patient was in a state of moderate but stable dehydration. This survivor told the authorities that “they swam little by little, that one of his companions almost died in his arms and another was still missing.”

The man, whose identity was also not released, was released after his test results indicated that everything was “in order.”

A second crew member of the boat was also rescued in the “afternoon-night hours” of Monday, according to El Artemiseño. “The diver” made landfall after being helped by a ship in the sea and after swimming “approximately 10 hours.”

The authorities have not yet confirmed whether the boat had the intention of leaving the country. Initially, a user on social networks, who claimed to be a relative of the owner of the boat, argued that the victims were fishing, although that version is questioned by other Internet users.


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