Legalizing the Illegalities / Fernando Dámaso

The two Decree-Laws adopted regarding the purchase and sale of Motor Vehicles and Housing, in spite of the propaganda organized around it to convince people that they represent important steps in the political updating of the model, constitute a reality of more heat than light, because it does not go beyond simple legalization (with dozens of years of delay), of the illegalities committed (with dozens of years of advance) for many citizens, against the grain of the absurd prohibitions established by the authorities demonstrating their intelligence to overcome the arbitrariness of the State. As always, the actions of citizens were ahead of the state measures. Briefly analyzed, they didn’t even reestablish the rights on both issues in the Republic, which were violated from the year 1959. By removing only part of the prohibitions and not all, it remains the breeding ground for new illegalities. Patience.

Now it turns out that the prohibition on purchasing new vehicles will be maintained for the majority of citizens; this possibility will be granted only to athletes, musicians and doctors on some priority international medical missions. It seems that the rest of the doctors, and the architects, engineers, lawyers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, computer scientists and other professionals are ignored by the state.

The chosen ones (the reasons are not explained) are, along with the leaders, the new privileged class in the most just society in world.

Something similar happens with housing, which only deals with existing homes. What if a citizen can and want to build their home? A friend told me: the scorpion, ever were you to remove the poison, remains a scorpion.

It seems that totalitarian governments and their leaders, both right and left (like the scorpion), are so accustomed to command and control, it is very difficult if not impossible, to change and to stop doing what they’ve always done, although the results have been disastrous.

According to their erroneous and unsuccessful conceptions, they must regulate and control everything, and if not all, at least in part, without ever cutting the umbilical cord.

When they offered explanations on TV about the content of the two Decree-Laws, these details were omitted, thus constituting a deception by omission. It seems that to really solve the many problems facing the Cuban nation, the only solution is change the model. Everything else is just talk and entertainment to win some time, even a few months, weeks or days. They apply what Lampedusa said in The Leopard: make changes so that everything remains the same. Like these Decree-Laws, any other to be approved later, by what we see, will come burdened with the same absurd and obsolete concepts. It’s a genetic problem.

Photos by Rebeca

November 13 2011