Latin America Witnesses the Repression in Cuba Thanks to Television / Angel Santiesteban

NTN24’s programme “The Night”, directed by Claudia Gurisarri and Jeferson Beltrán and hosted by Jason Calderón, has dedicated its 9th of October broadcast to Cuba and the terrible situation and the terrible repression its people are suffering from the Castro dictatorship. Far from seeing some improvement with false “reforms”, the regime wants to make the international community believe that it is leading the country towards openness; the only thing that they are really doing is an unparalleled multiplication of repression and violence against all peaceful opposition on the island.

“The Night”, on top of doing an excellent job denouncing the dictatorship of the Castro family, the repressive situation which has existed in Cuba and the violation of human rights on the island, has dedicated a privileged space in its programme for Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, who will soon have completed eight months incarcerated after a judicial farce with invented charges by the political police, using the mother of his son to place false accusations against him with the only objective to silence his critical voice against the regime, and therefore they intend to keep him imprisoned for five years.

But so clumsy and so thinly disguised are the crimes that it wasn’t sufficient for them to jail him for being innocent but to jail him for political crimes according to them, they offered him his freedom in exchange for renouncing his political position, becoming the first ordinary criminal to whom they offered the freedom in order for giving up his political activism. A strange way of understanding freedom which the dictator Castro Ruz has.

All our gratitude to Claudia Gurisatti, Jeferson Beltrán, Jason Calderón and the Cuban Lilo Vilaplana, tireless figther for the freedom of Cuba for the rights of their brothers and Friend  (with capital letters),

in the name of Ángel Santiesteban-Prats,

The Editor

Translated by Shane J. Cassidy

11 October 2013