Islands / Regina Coyula

In State of SATS, where art and thought come together, on Saturday they considered several independent artistic projects: Matraka, Talento Cubano, Puños en Alto, Omni-Zona Franca. Everyone spoke about their difficulties in bringing their projects in parallel with — or against — the Ministry of Culture. Censorship and self-censorship were words repeated over and over.

On a personal level, it’s possible that none of the projects presented managed to engage me, but I respect, enormously, all artist engagement. The society to which I aspire must be able to respect, as well, this diversity so monitored, planned, confined in narrow parameters, stigmatized; art, always under the magnifying glass of the State controller.

Between the panel and many of the attendees a current of complicity was created that went beyond taste. We were islands converted into an archipelago thanks to shared fears, frustrations, slanders; but also this incomparable feeling that is freedom.

August 29 2011