Information Par Excellence / Regina Coyula

To give you an idea of how Cubans are informed, this is news report from Radio Reloj — Clock Radio — (the only news station whose slogan is the title of this post), for the August 9, 2011 at 11:00 am.

  1. Cuba, a health example to the world for its fight with dengue fever.
  2. Company suspends travel to Cuba after visiting the office of Foreign Assets Control, under pressure from American Congresswoman Ross-Lehtinen.
  3. A tribute to the Saiz Brothers Tribute in a documentary presented in San Juan y Martinez.
  4. Chavez finishes his first day of chemotherapy in Cuba. Today on the Roundtable program, he will be interviewed by José Vicente Rangel.
  5. International conference of librarians in Havana.
  6. Horn of Africa: Drought and humanitarian crisis.
  7. Celebrations for the end of International Youth Year.
  8. Cuba will send more than 30 representatives to the World Cup in Athletics. The volleyball team needs to win.
  9. Activities for the 500th anniversary of the founding of Baracoa.
  10. Demand in Guatemala for respect for the rights of indigenous peoples.
  11. Workers in the Flora and Fauna Company began a study of invertebrates in the limestone hills of Jumagua.
  12. Swimmer from Havana to Key West cancelled due to discomfort.
  13. More than 100 letters have been received in the international love letters contest in Sancti Spiritus.
  14. Chilean students propose plebiscite to overcome educational crisis.
  15. Success of “The Beehive,” a children’s theater in Granma province.
  16. Argentina struggles with unemployment.
  17. Information on road closures on the occasion of the carnival in Havana.
  18. Recognizing the transport company, CUPET-Matanzas.
  19. Mubarak and associates’ trial suspended due to violence.
  20. Circus Festival inaugurated in Havana.
  21. Obama optimistic in message to the nation despite the reduction in public spending and social programs.
  22. Urban and suburban agriculture in Artemis.
  23. Federation of Cuban Women in Mayabeque prepares to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the organization.
  24. Performance by the singer-songwriter Santiago Feliu in Granma.
  25. Ciego de Avila reservoir levels increase with the rains.

… And chirp chirp. This was not a hoax.

August 15 2011