In Need of Charity from Tourism / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Necesitados  de la Caridad del Turismo (1)

Necesitados  de la Caridad del Turismo (2)

These two snapshots show some of the faces that pass through the central street of Obispo in Old Havana. Today I wanted to mark with a red circle those who ask for charity among the tourists who pass along this artery in the capital.

The first photograph shows an elderly gentleman of the black race in his wheelchair, having been assisted by two ladies with Latino faces who even after giving a handout to this person had not put away their money.

The second photograph shows a family of three females of the black race, who appear to be family. One of the three women carries a small baby in her arms, these are circulating among groups of foreign and domestic tourists in search of some help. On one of the occasions I heard them asking for some money to buy milk and once asking may they please have a soap?

April 23 2012