Hunger Strikes Are an Effective Method with a Clear Objective(s) / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

The 21st century. A country called Cuba, where it citizens fight for a transparent democracy and for the freedoms that this encompasses. There are very few resources to achieve the power of the people in a country tossed into the abyss 53 years ago.

The Cuban counterrevolution, the opposition or the fighters for human rights in Cuba; whatever you want to call them, they have exhausted almost all their resources. The only one left is the most drastic option, the HUNGER STRIKE.

The opposition in Cuba has always tried to come to an agreement with the government, but it has always avoided any change and its governmental ideal.

Thus, the hunger strike has become a weapon against the Castro tyranny. Despite the fact that it is a weapon that destroys human being who undertakes it.

In reality the government has no interest in the deaths that could happen with this desperate measure. They are only focused on not losing their totalitarian power and avoiding democracy on the island. Space

But with a clear objective and a well defined goal, this weapon has become the Achilles tendon of the Castros.

October 8 2012