Classes Continue to be Canceled at Havana Medical University / Ignacio Estrada Cepero

By Ignacio Estrada Cepero, Independent Journalist

Havana, Cuba – It has been more than three weeks since classes at Havana’s Medical universities and polytechnics have been affected. This is due to renewed efforts in conducting mass fever screenings in those areas around Havana most affected by dengue.

All students are assigned to a specific health focus area where they go door to door conducting screenings in order to detect new cases of dengue as well as educating people in adopting preventive measures.

Last Sunday, October 7, the Dean of Havana’s Higher Institute of Medical Sciences “Victoria de Girón” went around several health areas supervising the students’ work. In some of the areas, the Dean was asked over and over for the date classes will reopen.

The Dean, confronted by the same question, always gave the same answer, which is that a new program of study is being considered, insofar the country needed them, making reference to the possibility of having the students continue the screenings in the morning while attending classes in the afternoon. He assured the students that this program is under consideration.

On the other hand, some students have confirmed that not even their professors know when classes will reopen. In the meantime, hundreds of medical students remain in the streets of Havana conducting screenings, receiving no compensation, and without snacks or lunch. As a result, they usually return home at noon, after submitting their screening report.

Translated by: Eduardo Alemán

October 8 2012