Gorki Freed / El Sexto – Danilo Maldonado Machado

I just spoke with Gorki. He, El Sexto and Ciro were going to do a performance last night at G and 23rd Street. When they were around 23rd and F around 11:00 PM they were rushed by a mob.
“There were a lot of them,” Gorki said.
As Ciro was already at G Street, he didn’t see them taken away.
Now, around noon, they let them leave the police station near Porvenir Ave. in Lawton, which they got out of with a lot of trouble (public transport is the worst, as we all know).
The reason for the detention was to prevent their putting on the performance at all costs… and NO, it had not been announced ahead of time.
Danilo will write a full account of what happened shortly.
Translator’s note: The last few entries in El Sexto’s blog have clearly been written by a friend, but no name is given.