Follow Your Heart / Lilianne Ruíz

In exchange for medical services where the corollary is random, ideological education (I don’t think even hunger is as painful to the body and to the soul, because that does not seem a problem compared to the loss of freedom), we have forgotten what we like, how can we solve problems without waiting for orders. It’s like having lost your will and your heart. There is an  Egyptian poem from a dynasty that wrote on the stone: Follow your heart. What does it mean to barter all this for a share of something.

I wish my country had public and private services, without envy, with the best quality possible, and without having to give to a few more caudillos and their Nomenklatura the right to dictate what we must think, what we should or should not express, what we can’t even dare to be able to change.

The great trap of these systems is that they do not solve the hunger, they are not even clear on the value of the human being in their system of health and education. Furthermore, as the evil comes from the root, by not accepting the value of the human being, they violate the rights of everyone and show no mercy to those who are willing to defend their freedom, their origin, their root.

March 15 2012