Few Easily Renounce the Title of King to Turn Themselves into a Begger / Angel Santiesteban

My cherished boy, my beloved Chinito:

I can barely write to you for lack of energy. Now I find some strength that I will put to paper with words that as you know are moist and full of love. I am well, working as always in the same place, the one you know, with the same good people. I am evermore proud of you since few renounce so easily the title of King to turn themselves into a Beggar. My motherly egoism prefers the former for you, but I have to accept your decision which could be no other as your integrity, honesty and values won’t allow it because you were educated under the principles of José Martí.

I support you in everything as long as you live, and if I don’t reach the end with you, I entrust you to the care of Ana. But I am going to remain optimistic. I think that soon your innocence will be proven and corroborated as your accusers attempt to hide the truth, to try to seal your mouth, which they have been unable to do because your friends won’t allow it, nor your family, nor the intellectuals with a conscience, nor any advocate of justice.

Your echo transcends all limits. I don’t understand how they can be so foolish, as they try to drown your voice it reaches yet even further! It’s not so easy to hide a truth as big as that which you so valiantly scream out to the universe. They fail to realize that your words are everywhere, that the more they lock you up, the more they hide you, the more your words and truth resonate. That even while we hear and receive nothing from you, your screams are stronger, your voice is heard more clearly and the world becomes more interested.

At this time you have more followers than when you where in the La Lima prison camp. Since many knew you were all right, although innocent, they wouldn’t worry then as much for you. But now they are lions roaring for your life, for your freedom. As such, my beloved child, your accusers are more damaged than you.

Don’t worry, to suffer is inevitable and necessary to be a better person. Suffering helps you understand your fellow brothers and sisters so that then, as you have been doing until now in your books, you can transmit the feelings of our oppressed countrymen.

I love you dearly, as always or more. I am almost with you there, in that cell or chamber; you must hear when I breathe and my heart stirs. And I am your angel, because those books you didn’t know where they came from, were mine; I always loved reading. Now I prefer to read yours.

I send you a strong hug, like the one from that night at the shore of the sea, when we said goodbye without knowing if one day we’d see each other again. I still feel it, its bond unweakened, keeping us together, as together as that dark night when you let me go, with pain, towards liberty.

I love you very much.

A thousand kisses,

Your Mary

Note from the editors: this letter was written by María to her brother Angel Santiesteban-Prats. It has been published in the blog at the request of Angel.

Translated by: Ylena Zamora-Vargas

11 June 2013