Festival for Human Rights Day / Rebeca Monzo #Cuba

It was a beautiful day, rather warm. The sea perfectly calm, reflecting the blue of a cloudless sky.

We got up early, thinking to avoid the usual police cordon. We saw no signs of it. We assumed they were watching us, that they were all around, but on this occasion they didn’t make themselves visible.

The booth of Cuban Voices was dedicated to technology.


The rudimentary and the modern lent a hand.


We were satisfied with the work done.

There were very original performances, like that of El Sexto.



Title: Resistance
Series: My Body
Author: Danilo Maldonado
Materials: Flesh and Bone
Dimensions: Variable

In the next post I’ll offer more details and photos.

It was a beautiful afternoon, tranquil, with good attendance and especially with the presence of many children. Estado de Sats occurred in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere.

December 11 2012