Fashionable Verbs / Fernando Dámaso

In the Cuban official language there is a set of verbs in wide use in recent years: to rescue, restore, recover, and the like. Leaders and officials use them in all their speeches, and journalists repeat them in their articles and interviews. I’m not against their application in practical life, but I think, for complete clarification, two questions are needed: Why are so many things lost? Who was responsible?

The material and moral losses did not happen overnight: it was a long and continuous process, during which voices were raised in warning, but were not heard, but on the contrary, silenced. Those who dared, honestly, to raise the alarm, were accused of being weak, conflicting, judgmental and even unpatriotic traitors, at the height of dogmatism. Moreover, in many cases, they were fired from their jobs and functions for not trusting the wisdom of the rulers. The numerous victims, more or less known, inhabit our islands.

Those responsible are not reported, although the consequences of their mistakes amount to a political, economic and social tsunami. Maybe it’s because, unlike hurricanes, which are baptized with names, tsunamis have no name of their own, as there is no reference to the place where they razed with their vehemence. Anyway, even if they are not reported by name and surnames, everyone knows them: it is an open secret.

Despite that, officially, they don’t give answers to these two simple questions, the important thing is not to be constantly digging in the past, but to live the present, where these verbs are the order of the day. If it doesn’t constitute, as so many other times, a fad, deserving applause. To rescue, restore, recover so many lost things, if achieved, would always benefit the majority and, therefore, the nation, and help it move forward, albeit slowly, from the deep crisis in which we live.

It is also good to alert (maybe now their ears will hear) that it is with the actions alone that these verbs signify the problems will not be solved. Further measures are necessary, consistent with the times, to catch up with the world. There have been many lost years with stagnation and immobility (which is why there is so much to rescue, restore and recover), while other countries, some more some less, kept moving forward. To achieve it will is not any easy task nor a quick one, but it is not impossible if everyone, without exception, participates in it.

April 20 2011