Engineering and Ingenuity / Regina Coyula

foto tomada del sitio de internetDams are good for containment while keeping the wall intact. When some fragment cracks, first imperceptibly, then uncontrollably, the water escapes and runs off. This is what has happened to Cuban private initiative; you can see it, for example, at the portal, which opened a site on the corner of San Lázaro y Basarrate, Vedado, Havana, where you can publish or search classified ads of swaps, sales, rentals and several offers.

There, for a reasonable price in national money, that is Cuban pesos, you can put an ad on Cubisima without having to be able to access the Internet, and you can, also for a modest fee, get a printout of the classifieds you’re interested in. Some will remember Opina, a monthly tabloid that could have continued with support from ads.

Infanta y Basarrate. You can’t miss it. It’s the yellow and green house 100 yards from the University of Havana.

April 18 2012