Eighty Palma Soriano CID Activists Accuse the Dictatorship / CID

Palma Collage 2Osmay Avalo AlmaquerEighty activists of the Independent and Democratic Cuba party (CID) in Palma Soriano denounce the government for its incompetence, its abuses, corruption and deceit.

Majela Lince LeonThis government is leading the population to despair. It mistreats and exploits citizens. It harasses and punishes the opposition without reason or justification. There are political prisoners because of the fear and whim of the dictatorship, there are Cubans on hunger strikes risking their lives because they can’t find nor do they have other recourse to enforce their rights.

The law of the jungle reigns here, the strongest of feed off the weakest. Is no longer about demanding from on confronting the government but about defending itself against a network of extortion and abuse that survives under the protection of the authorities. What interests them least if the enforcement of the laws and the welfare of citizens.

Sandor Grant EcheverriaConstruction materials were sent to this area to solve the problems of reconstruction after the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, and they were turned into a business opportunity for those who were responsible for administering them.

NivaldoThe food prices are beyond the reach of most people and medical services are going from bad to worse. The changes there are here work to the advantage of a small group, at the expense of most Cubans.

Yersey SilvaNivardo Amelo Ramírez, Coordinator of the CID for the eastern provinces said: “The solution begins with a peaceful transition based on a new constitution and new leaders and that can only be achieved with freedom and free elections.”

1-Yoelis Hodelin Rodríguez
2-Majela Lince Rodríguez
3-Suriley Grant  Hechavarría
4- Sandor   Grant  Hechavarría
5-Alexander la Rosa Martínez
6-Urbano Vázquez Reyes
7-Yanelis Elegica Despaine.
8 Alfredo Anival Brabo Betsancour
9-Disney Alvares  Días
10-Ernesto Ortis Betancourt
11-Yoanni Alonso Piña
12-Vivian Peña Hernández
13-Yordanis González Duanis
14-Agustin Alonso Peña
15-Yasmani  Alonso Peña
16- Yanay Romero Parada
17-Leonardo Días Fajardo
18-Darian Martin Ruz Rodríguez
19-Yunior Sánchez Áreas
20-Luis Miguel Cabrera Zamora
21- Luis Darío Cabrera Zamora
22-Islaidis Martínez Rosalba
23-Yanet  Sigas Rodríguez
24-Yordanis Gutiérrez Meriño
25-Osmar Núñez Collazo
26- Ronal Yunier Rodríguez Zayas
27- Yasmani Salina Salina
28-Nivardo Amelo Ramírez
29-Raul  Grant  Fernández
30-Manuel Chacón  Leyva
31-Alex. A. Peláez  Abrahán
32-Luis Manuel Medina Guerra
33-Osmanis Santos Guerra
34-Rafaela Parra Tamayo
35-Angel Lino Isaac  Luna
36-Ramon Suarez Valdez
37-Jorge Luis Rodríguez Milanés
38-Jose Oriol Fuentes Arias
39-Lazaro Alonso Parada
40-Juan Antonio Costafreda Rosales
41-Marvelis Vegas Rodriguez
42- Yersey Sigas Rodríguez
43-Rainier Fundora  Gómez
44-Rosa Rodríguez Leme
45-Jorge Luis Salazar Barrera
46-Edgar  Elégica Zulueta
47-Sucetty López Díaz
48-Greisy Sigas Naranjo
49-Luis Enrique Labiste  Medina
50-Daniel Nietos García
51-Julio Cesar Castellanos Parra
52- Alberto Yirat Orozco
53-Yurisbel Leyva Estrada
54- William Cepeda Cordero
55-Sixto Manuel Cobas  de La Rosa
56- Roberto  Arafet  Abrahán
57-Martha Hilda Vásquez García
58-Aldo René Ponce Giménez
59-Maria Julia Arias Batista
60-Dionel Reyes López
61-Elieser Porto Borrero
62- Haida Petronila Estiben Torres
63-Mariela Rodríguez Bonges
64-Fabrisio Bustamante Trujillo
65-Miguel Marcanet  Tardy
66-Felix Antonio Vásquez Revilla
67- Leonardo Bolaños Lesme
68- Roberto de la Rosa Estrada.
69-Benigno Vaillant Fajardo
70- Dagmian Salas Acosta
71-Aracelis Bustamante Carrión
72-Ramón Blanco Garcia
73-Yadira Sorio Lago
74-Rudelis  German Niebla Chávez
75-Rafael M Arias Ferrer
76-Mayumi Santana Labrada
77-Amauris Núñez Quintana
78-Rafael Angel fuentes Avalas
79-Yampier Roben Vie
80-Osmay Avalo Almaquer