CID Supports the Ladies in White / CID

Palma CID apoyo a las Damas de BlancoOn Sunday, April 7 members of the CID and a group of former political prisoners gathered in Palma Soriano to support the Ladies in White. Among those present were Rafaela Parra Tamayo and Mayumi Santana Labrada, both activists with the CID and the Ladies in White.

Palma CID apoyo a las Damas de Blanco 2The opponents expressed their protest:

City of Palma Soriano April 13, 2013

Thus, we want to state that the members of the executive of the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party (CID) and the executive of the “Brother of the Faith” Political Prisoners Club, engaged in a fraternal meeting to repudiate the political police abuses of the Ladies in White, on this day and for the record we have signed the following:

3Palma CID apoyo a las Damas de Blanco documento27 April 2013