Double Tragedy in the Cuban Village of Mir: Two Young People Die in a Well and a Third Is Killed by a Lightning Strike

Yasmani Parra Peña was 28 years old and left two small children as orphans. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 6 September 2023 — The village of Mir, with fewer than 7,000 inhabitants, in the municipality of Calixto García in Holguín, was already in mourning when, on Monday, a lightning strike killed a young man and injured several others. All the victims were at the cemetery, at the burial of two other boys who had drowned in a well in the Monte Alto area, identified in social networks as Alexey Pantoja Ventacurt and Rafael Zamora. According to various media reports, the circumstances of this latest incident, which occurred at the weekend, are still being investigated, and it is only known that the victims are also young men who went down the well and drowned.

Yasmani Parra Peña was killed by the lightning strike, as confirmed  to 14ymedio by an employee of the Ernesto Guevara polyclinic. He was 28 years old and left two young children orphaned. “This has been terrible here in Mir,” said the shocked worker, who said that all but one of the injured had already been discharged.

“This has been terrible here in Mir,” said the shocked worker, who said that all but one of the injured had already been discharged

On the Facebook group Friends and Neighbours of Mir, where news of the tragedy broke, condolences to those close to them immediately multiplied. Some seemed to know Parra Peña very well and referred to him as the “son of Mariela, Cheo’s wife”.

His sister, Yaquelin Parra Peña, thanked everyone for their comments. “My brother, you turned me into dust, you took my heart, I love you with my life. I fought for you until the last day and now I will fight for your children; I no longer have three children but five, my children, you will always be present in my life”, said the young woman, with a lot of pain. “My soul brother, he finished me off, he buried me alive.”

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