Demonstration in Galicia to Condemn ‘The Criminal Regimes of Cuba and Venezuela’

In July, Oleiros (Spain) was the scene of a rally to demand freedom and democracy for the people of Cuba. (

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 22 August 2021 — Dozens of vehicles staged a caravan protest through the streets of the Coruña city municipality of Oleiros, in Spain, on Saturday to demand that Spanish politicians condemn the violence in Cuba and Venezuela and to demand the removal of the statue of Ernesto Che Guevara erected in a traffic circle in this municipality.

The demonstration, which was called by the Soberanía Ciudadana platform, left at 12:00 noon from O Miradoiro Street, near the Nirvana traffic circle, where the Che Guevara monument is located.

This demonstration takes place almost a month after the government of Zaragoza approved, in an extraordinary session, that Che Guevara Street will from now on be called Ana María Suárez (a Zaragoza victim of the jihadist attack in Cambrils), and the park with the same namesake will be named after the Paralympic athlete Teresa Perales.

The cars with Cuban flags circulated to the park of Santa Cruz and from there went to the nucleus of Santa Cristina. During the tour the drivers sounded their horns during the march that ended in front of the town hall of Oleiros with a loud honking.

The participants demanded the removal of the “infamous monument” — in allusion to the statue of Che’s face — and of other symbols in the city hall, said Cuban Frank Vega, of the Association of Victims of Castroism, such as the name of Ernesto Che Guevara Avenue. “We ask for the removal of these symbols for being illegal and for constituting a persecution of the victims of Castroism.”

In addition, with the mobilization they seek to “put the political class on the ropes” so that “the violence against the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela is condemned for humanitarian reasons,” reiterated Vega.

“Any Spanish politician who does not condemn violence cannot stay one minute more in Spanish institutions,” the spokesman remarked. Thus, the demonstrators, who also carried flags of Venezuela, Spain and Galicia, joined in the proclamations of “SOS Cuba” and “SOS Venezuela”.

Translated by: Hombre de Paz


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