Cubans Will be Able to Import Five Cell Phones, Three Computers and Two Motorcyles

On Thursday, the new rules for non-commercial imports made by natural persons were announced. (Granma)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 28 July 2022 — The new provisions of the General Customs of Cuba on imports from individuals on a non-commercial basis have been announced this Thursday. The Official Gazette specifies that Cubans will be able to import up to five cell phones — versus the two that were allowed — two electric generators, two motorcycles, and a third if it is through the shipment of cargo, in addition to two electric bicycles.

“That doesn’t solve the big problem of the economy. The commercial character must be extended to all people who want to establish small and large businesses with all the freedom that exists in the world,” Pavel Otero, a musician from Havana, said in an article in the official media Cubadebate. “You have to think big and not little.”

As part of the provisions, which enter into force on August 15, the non-commercial nature of imports must have to do with “the functions of an article,” and the repetition of imports “must not show the purpose of trade.” In case this happens, General Customs can confiscate the products.

This measure is also a hard blow to ’mules’ traveling abroad to buy all kinds of products and resell them on the island’s black market. Despite the very high prices, this informal trade has given Cubans a break. Personal hygiene products, food and medicines are tax-free until December under a government resolution that freed them from paying taxes.

“What crazy people do: ’Non-commercial’ in a country that has nothing and doesn’t produce anything. Of course, most of those items will end up in ’garage sales’ and other sales. They have finished with opening completely and don’t give any more detours,” the netizen identified as Altair Urizen also commented in Cubadebate.

The new regulations ratified what Economy Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez announced about the increase of the import limit through shipments, from 10 to 20 kilos, the decrease in the tariff per kilo imported, from 20 dollars to 10 dollars, as well as the exemption from the payment of taxes of up to three kilos for items to which the value-weight is applied, and the 30% reduction to customs tax, which is currently 100%.

Regarding the import of parts and accessories of motor vehicles, it is specified that the quantity “must not exceed that required by a vehicle for repair and maintenance.” In the case of tires, up to five light car tires, seven heavy vehicles and three motorcycle or moped tires are allowed.

Customs also allows up to three computers, laptops, tablets and network devices including the accessories or peripherals of computer equipment (mouse, keyboards or others). “For flash memories, parts and pieces of computers, mobile and fixed telephony, printers, photocopiers and other equipment, the value-weight alternative is used, and whenever there is diversity in the products.”

Customs classifies as “miscellaneous” footwear, clothing, food, personal and household toiletries, costume jewelry, perfumery and the like, and specifies that their import is allowed only if the products are of different types.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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