Cuban Team’s Goalkeeper and Doctor Take Advantage of Soccer’s Gold Cup to Stay in the US

After the game in which Cuba lost 2-4 against Canada, goalkeeper Sandy Sanchez withdrew from the Cuban team. (Hit)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 5 July 2023 — Cuban goalkeeper Sandy  Sandocan Sánchez played for the last time with the Island’s colors on Tuesday, when his team lost 2-4 against Canada. After the game, held at the Shell Energy Stadium in Texas, USA, he “escaped.” A few hours earlier, the doctor of the Cuban soccer team, Alexis Martínez, also left the delegation.

After Cuba’s failure in the Gold Cup, Sánchez defected after playing until the 61st minute ,”to establish himself” in the US, said Alexander Ramírez, a contributor to Play-Off Magazine. Days before, his companions had also ’”escaped” Roberney Caballero, Denilson Milanés, Neisser Sandó and Jassael Herrera .

The escape of Sánchez and his colleagues from the national team “represents a record of exits in Gold Cup events,” commented sports journalist Francys Romero. They exceed the four that were registered in the 2015 and 2019 editions. With Sandocan “there are 35 Cuban athlete dropouts in 2023.”

As for the team doctor, Alexis Martínez, his departure was reported by the contributor to Cuban Pelota magazine, Yordano Carmona, who recalled that the previous team doctor had also left the team after receiving his visa to the US.

The official media outlet Jit acknowledged that after the three defeats in the Gold Cup, “disappointment” prevailed at not being able to qualify. Goalkeeper Raiko, brother of baseball player Randy Arozarena, mentioned that Sandy Sánchez’s lineup was to “give him play.”

In the 2022 edition of the Gold Cup, the athletes Rey Ángel Martínez, 20, and Alberto Delgado, 22, abandoned the Cuban soccer team.

In 2005, during a stay in Seattle, soccer players Yaykel Pérez and Maykel Galindo separated from the group. Pérez’s physical qualities led him to be signed by the Chivas USA team, being recognized as the first Cuban to play with a team with Mexican roots.


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