Cuban Regime To Release the Political Prisoner Real Suarez, in Prison Since 1994

Two relatives of Real Suárez plan to come to pick him up and then take him to the family home in Matanzas. (America TeVé/Screen capture/YouTube)

14ymedio biggerEFE (via 14ymedio), Havana, 29 March 2023 — The political prisoner Humberto Eladio Real Suárez– condemned for disembarking in Cuba in 1994 in an armed anti-government expedition from the United States — will be released this Thursday having served his time in prison, according to family members who spoke with EFE on Wednesday.

The authorities have informed Real’s family that he can be picked up at 9:00 AM local time at Agüica prison in Matanzas. Real, age 54, has served 28 years and 5 months of the 30 years he was sentenced to. Two relatives plan to come to pick him up and then take  him to the family home in Matanzas.

The prisoner’s mother, Graciela Suárez Díaz, explained to EFE that the Cuban authorities have urged Real to appear the day after his release at the local Migration offices to regularize his situation in the country.

Real’s objective, and hers, added Súarez, is to migrate to the United States as soon as possible, where a large number of his relatives reside, including Real’s brother and his daughter.

For crimes against state security and murder, Real was first sentenced to death, a sentence that was commuted in 2010 by the Supreme Court of Cuba to 30 years in prison.

Real was arrested in October 1994, at the age of 26, after disembarking in Cuba from the US in an armed expedition in which a civilian died.

He was subsequently convicted of the crimes of “acts against State Security,” “murder” and “discharge of firearms against a certain person.”

The exile group Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC), based in Miami, celebrated in a statement the possible release of this “valiant Cuban” and denounced that during his time in prison he was subjected “to countless mistreatment and tortures.”


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