Cuban Faces of 2015: Elio Hector Lopez, ‘The Transporter’ / 14ymedio

Elio Hector Lopez, aka 'The Transporter', manager of one version of “The Weekly Packet” (Youtube)
Elio Hector Lopez, aka ‘The Transporter’, manager of one version of “The Weekly Packet” (Youtube)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 28 December 2015 – The Weekly Packet, that compendium of audiovisuals that has given so many headaches to Cuban officialdom and such gratification to its viewers, has several managers and millions of consumers. One of its founders is Elio Hector Lopez, also known as The Transporter.

With the rule “zero politics, zero violence, zero pornography” “The Packet” has drawn official censorship, nor is it well looked on by the cultural institutions that accuse it of encouraging frivolity and bad taste. Elio Hector Lopez claims to have had “no legal problems” so far and says that even “officials of the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Television” have come to know his work.

The young man, 28, was mentioned by Forbes magazine as one of the “revolutionaries” of the Cuban technological scene and in recent weeks has participated in numerous international events on the use of information and communications technology based information and entrepreneurship, including Emerging Tech In Cuba: Meet Its Pioneers, recently held in Miami.